It is time to step away from Amazon! Today we are bringing you the worlds best online shopping. We have curated a great selection of online stores that ship worldwide. YAY FOR TODAY has scoured the internet for smaller more independent brands that will deliver something a little different to the large online retailers’ offer.

If you read our previous article in our series on Expat Gift Giving you would have realised we are very keen on making gift giving more sustainable. In curating the worlds best online shopping list we have tried to throw some light on brands that are smaller, have ethical practices and standards and use local and sustainable suppliers. It can be hard to get it all in one company but we have tried our best. It would be great if we could all take a step back from the big brands and suppliers and try and support smaller, more environmentally and ethically focused businesses.

All the retailers are linked to their websites. Just click on their name. To make it super easy for you to check them out we have also included a link to their IG account. Happy shopping!



Online Shopping

Package Free

Package Free is a fabulous store based in NYC. The products they stock are sourced from individuals and brands that are working to create a positive environmental impact. Their range should have something for all your gift giving needs. They sell a wide array of products from biodegradable phone cases through to dental floss. Their IG has lots of inspiration.

Rose et Marius

Rose et Marius is a French brand based in Aix en Provence. They have a stunning range of beautiful gifts that are made in France. Their palm oil free engraved soaps are just gorgeous – to look at and use. You can even customize them with your own message. I am also in love with their porcelain inlaid jewellery. Their IG has a great range of all the loveliness they offer.

Nature Baby

Nature Baby is a New Zealand based brand that is the perfect place to shop for the little people in your life. They have wonderful products that mostly cater to babies although their clothing goes to size 4 and they do have a limited maternity range. Their clothing is made from organic cotton and pure merino wool. One of the things I really like about them is that a lot of their baby and toddler clothing is made in lovely neutral, earthy tones which means it is very easy to pass it down the line regardless of the children’s genders. Get inspired by their IG.


UNE PIECE is an Australian based company that produces fabulous swimwear.  It is designed for people who want to feel beautiful at the beach without being overly exposed. The designs are all one-pieces and made from factor 50 fabric. They launched a few years ago with a sexy makeover of the old rashie – no easy feat!  They have also just launched a limited range of activewear. To check out the Original Sexie Rashie®  head over to their IG account.


Pela offers a wide range of phone cases and sunglasses. All their products are made of environmentally sensible materials and make great gifts for the teens in your world! Their phone cases are available in loads of different colours for all types of phones. They also have a small but trendy range of sunglasses. Check out their IG.

Skin City 

Skin City is located in Sweden and it a one-stop-shop for excellent skincare and makeup. They have a great selection of brands including lots of lovely Scandinavian skincare lines that you will never find at your local Sephora. Be sure to check out all the different organic ranges they carry. Their own line of makeup is marketed as Make the Make. It gets rave reviews and their line of makeup brushes is just fabulous. Skin City has a few IG accounts for different regions but the most comprehensive one is here.


RAVEN + ROSE is a lingerie company based in Hong Kong. They describe their perfect client as women who flirt with what it is to be predictable. They produce a hip selection of lingerie with minimalist, simplistic lines. It is a great place to shop if you are looking for a gift a little outside the ordinary. They ship worldwide and if you sign up for their newsletter you get 10% off your first order. You can find them on IG too.

All Birds

All Birds is a leader in the shoe biz! Their shoes are all inspired by natural materials. Check out all the natural and sustainable materials they use. They are the only brand on the list that does not ship absolutely everywhere in the world but they do ship to most places and because they are such an inspiring brand we wanted to include them in our ‘worlds best online shopping’ list. Take a look at their IG account to see what shoes made from wool, recycled plastic, wood and castor oil look like.

Rachel Nelson is a New Zealand expat who has lived and worked in the US, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, the UAE, Qatar and Germany.