At the end of the last school year, my main friend group disbanded. One went to France, one back to The Netherlands, one back to Turkey, and I’m left here in Germany. Even though it’s been only a year, it feels much longer. Even though we’ll keep in touch, it won’t be the same. We will never be able to go to the pool together or have a sleepover or just hang out. The only thing that we could do that would be the same is to play online video games together.
It took us a few months for us to find each other when school started last year but by Christmas we were tight. I always knew one of them was only there for a year and would be leaving and there was a possibility another might too and as they both confirmed they were, in fact moving on, I didn’t worry too much, even though our foursome was going to a twosome, as I knew I would have a close buddy to hang out with. When he told us all a week before school finished that he was also leaving I was gutted. It would now just be me.


4 to 1
I know what it is like to leave good friends behind, and I know how it feels to have friends leave, and neither are enjoyable. The problem is I am a kid and as kids, we usually get little to no say in whether we (or any of my friends) get to move or not. Although moving is mostly fun, there are negative sides to it as well. The most obvious one that you leave your friends behind and your friends leave you behind and you have to make new ones.
I will go back to school in about three weeks and even though I won’t be the new kid I will still feel a little lost. I will still have the same wider group of friends and have the lunch table hang out but my close buddies will be missing. I will have to make new friends and develop new bonds with them. And that will take time, time that I could have spent with them if they had stayed. I won’t be alone, but I will still feel kind of lonely.
I will update you in six months and let you know how I am going!

Hugo Nelson is a third culture kid who was born in the UAE and has also lived in Qatar and Germany.